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Introducing AllergyAlert

Posted on July 27 2018

Ad for AllergyAlert featuring products and customersToday, on the one-year anniversary I’d rather not be celebrating, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of AllergyAlert™a company dedicated to keeping children with life-threatening food allergies safer with unique, customized products for school and extra-curricular activities. 

Exactly one year ago, I was sitting in a hospital bed in the emergency room with my legs wrapped around my incredibly sick three-year old son, Nicholas.  Tears silently sliding down my cheeks and panic rushing through my veins, I put on a brave face as our family tackled anaphylaxis for the first time.  As an allergy mom, I had rehearsed this moment in my mind time and time again for nearly three years.  I was terrified, but prepared and I knew exactly what to do to maximize the odds of saving my son’s life.

Once my sweet boy was home and safely tucked in my bed for the night, I briefly allowed myself to entertain the possibility of what might have happened that day had I not been so prepared for this situation.  Just ten short days later, I was going to have to send him to preschool for the first time.  I’d already been on heightened-alert worrying about the ability of others who were less familiar with food allergies to take care of him and now I could barely breathe thinking about the “what-ifs.”

Then relief washed over me as it occurred to me the groundwork of preparation was in place for this next chapter of his life as well.  I took great comfort in the fact that I had also been preparing for this moment for several months and had left no stone unturned in educating Nick and his teachers about how to keep him safe.  I’d even drawn on my years of marketing experience and created a custom brand designed to serve as a silent guardian when I couldn’t be with him – a visual reminder to his new caregivers of the steps they needed to take to protect him.
After I created this arsenal of tools, my husband and I realized others might benefit from using them to keep their own children safe as well and the wheels were set in motion to launch a company to do just that.  Today, we are thrilled to mark our one-year anniversary of anaphylaxis with the official launch of AllergyAlert™, a company dedicated to helping other food allergy families create an atmosphere where children can not only stay safe, but also live life to its fullest and thrive with food allergies.   Think of us as a silent guardian protecting young children when they are out of your care.

Please check us out at  If you like what you see, we’d really appreciate it if you’d pass the link along to others who might benefit from our products.

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  • Marilyn Musselman: August 07, 2018

    Your product is brilliant!
    Thank you for working so tirelessly to educate and protect the families and children with deadly food allergies.
    Anaphylaxis is just a scary word until you witness it and then it becomes an absolutely terrifying event! If I were a caretaker, having this information at hand would definitely help me to deal with the crisis or, even better, avoid it altogether. God bless you and your Nick!

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