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A Word from Our Founder

Young boy riding bike first day of preschoolIn the spring of 2017, the clock was ticking, and I was starting to get nervous.  I knew my adventurous, spunky, then-three-year-old son, Nicholas was more than ready to start preschool in the fall, but like many mothers, I wasn’t sure I was ready to let him go.  My hesitation was made worse by the fact that Nick has multiple life-threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy and eggs.  I spent many a late night searching online for various ways to keep him safe and finally had a light-bulb moment – I’d draw on my years of marketing experience and create a custom brand designed to serve as a silent guardian when I couldn’t be with him.

I also knew at the same time, even though he had just turned three years old, I had to teach Nick how to begin taking some responsibility for keeping himself safe.  I’d laid the foundation for this since his diagnoses at 6 months old, but now we were headed to what I jokingly referred to as “Allergy Bootcamp.”  Every outing was an opportunity to educate and remind him of the realities and responsibilities of protecting himself in what could be a very dangerous world for him.  Of course, I was careful to do this in a loving and age-appropriate way.

I also wanted a book I could use to prepare him to not only manage his many allergies, but also to get him ready to go to school for the first time.  With so many allergens on his list, it was difficult to find a book that didn’t confuse the issue in his three-year-old mind by featuring too many or too few allergens. When I came up empty-handed, I decided to write one based on his favorite puppy, Bentley. 

After I created this arsenal of tools, I realized others might benefit from using them to keep their own children safe as well and the wheels were set in motion to launch a company to do just that.

As my husband and I discussed the goals of our endeavor, we determined they were two-fold:

  1. To ALERT others to a child’s allergies when he or she is away from a primary caregiver.
  2. To teach young children (and those around them) of the need to be ALERT when it comes to managing food allergies. Our hope is to help you start your child on a path to self-advocacy at a very young age.

With this in mind, AllergyAlert™ was born.

Whether your are a food-allergy veteran or a new member of this club you never wished to join, we're glad you found us.  We're looking forward to helping you create an atmosphere where your child can not only stay safe, but also live life to its fullest and thrive with food allergies.


Emily Sorenson





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