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Additional Resources

Below are links to some of our favorite products and organizations. Of course, products that are safe for our family may not be safe for yours and we encourage you to use this list as a starting point, but to do your own research.  Click here to access a sample email message we would use when reaching out to companies to determine whether or not their products are safe for us.

Educational Resources
Allergic Living Magazine
Anaphylaxis Canada
FAACT (Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team)
FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education)
Food Allergy Bloggers Conference
Kids with Food Allergies
Snack Safely
Favorite Allergy-Friendly Products
Barney Butter
Better Batter
Canyon Bakehouse
Cybele’s Free to Eat
Edison Grainery
Enjoy Life Foods
Follow Your Heart
free2b Foods
Libre Naturals
Made Good Foods
Silk Dairy Free
So Delicious Dairy Free
Yum Earth
Favorite Blogs
Celiac and the Beast
Grateful Foodie
Minimalist Baker
No Nut Traveler
Nut Free Wok
Favorite Facebook Pages
Chinese Herbs for Allergies
Disney Chef’s Rock Food Allergies
Food Allergy Moms
Food Allergy Treatment Talk (FATT)
No Nuts Moms
Allergy Eats
Red Sneakers for Oakley

Please Note:  We have no affiliation with any of these groups (with the exception of FARE where Emily serves as a volunteer member of the Denver Community Engagement Council).  We are not being offered any compensation for posting these links.

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