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How it Works

Assorted products from AllergyAlert including Woodland, Dino and Monster Placemats plus Bentley Emergency Magnet

Safeguarding your child is very simple:

  1. Choose from one of our kid-friendly designs
  2. Upload your child’s picture
  3. Provide details regarding child’s specific needs
  4. Include your emergency contact information
  5. Once we receive your information, we’ll email you with a sample proof of what your order will look like
  6. Once we receive your approval, we’ll process the order and ship it out

    If only all of life’s obstacles were this easy to navigate!


    • Take a close-up picture of your child’s face in full light. We want to be sure the picture is easily recognizable.
    • Include your child’s specific information including known allergens, suspected allergens and other medical information such as Autism, Celiac disease, diabetes, ADHD, etc.
    • Include up to two primary phone numbers for emergency contact information

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