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Teacher Reading Bentley Goes to School to Young Girl

Prepping for School Checklist

1) Talk to your child about his or her allergies.
2) Reinforce your messages by reading books and role playing.
3) Schedule a meeting with your child’s school to discuss accommodations that will need to be made.
4) Consider putting a 504 Plan in place. Pay special attention to food policies and arts and crafts supplies.
5) Discuss where your child’s epinephrine auto-injectors will be stored and who will be trained and authorized to administer them.
6) Provide the school with a copy of your child’s individual Emergency Action Plan.
7) Click here for a sample agenda for your school meeting
8) Click here for a sample 504 Plan
9) Order extra epinephrine auto-injectors to keep at school.
10) Label water bottles, lunch boxes and other items your child will be taking to school. Our AllergyAlert products can help!
11) Don’t forget to try to relax and enjoy the experience of starting this new chapter in your child’s life. Yes, with food allergies, it can be scary, but it’s also a very exciting part of growing up!

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